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Karl Friend or Brad Mason?

From: Karl Friend 
To: team@soup.io
Subject: I'm Sorry! Please Forgive Me!!!


I was only just beginning to work on my Soup blog -
http://friendlyshops.soup.io/ when I saw that it had gotten suspended. I
had seriously been working on it for about ten minutes, I hadn't gotten to
the part about good quality content yet, which is why it looks a little

What did I do wrong? Too much keyword stuffing in the tags? I won't do it
again, I promise! I need this page and I had a lot of great stuff that I
was going to add but hadn't got around to yet.

I'm sorry I didn't know the rules. Can you please point me to a page with
the rules listed on them so I know exactly what they are? Can you also
please tell me what I did wrong so I know not to do it again?

Please reconsider the suspension of my account.
Thank you so much,
Brad Mason

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